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The team at Customer Service Matters have worked in customer-facing roles within the hotel sector since 1987, owning our own hotel in the twenty years prior to 2015.  During this time we became acutely aware of the need for the provision of supreme customer service at all times and this involved the constant and ongoing training of employees.
Our motivation

We knew that this was something that could not be left unattended to and so approached several training professionals and engaged them to work with us.  Sadly, their effectiveness was short-lived and their cost astronomical. Left with no other option, we decided to take care of our own staff training and conducted an intense internet search, looking for suitable material.  We could not find any relevant training materials; there were plenty of distance-learning courses and on-line tuition for individuals but no off-the-shelf material that we could access for groups of employees.  A decision was made to educate ourselves and create our own material and over many years, we refined our methodology and came up with an effective and extremely powerful course.
Our results

The results surpassed all expectation and were fantastic; upon delivering the material to our staff, productivity increased, staff morale rocketed and profits followed.  After we left the hotel sector, we decided to continue with the staff training, embracing the concept of DIY tuition being provided in-house whilst continuing to develop tools and resources.
We are now committed to working with companies and business like yours, enabling them to achieve what they previously thought was impossible.  Results to date have been impressive and continue to be so.  If your business is not doing all that it should to provide exemplary customer service to each and every one of your clients, then we are here to help you correct that failing.
Get in touch with us now and find out just how easily you can boost productivity, staff morale and customer retention purely by making use of our in-depth DIY customer service training toolkit.
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